Turner Fenton DECA

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Welcome to the official TFSS DECA website!

     Do you want to be part of the cool-squad? The most hyped club at Turner? A part of a legendary chapter? Look no further, you have come to the right place. Turner Fenton DECA has been one of the most successful chapters in DECA Ontario, with members consistently ranking highly at Regionals, Provincials, and at the International level. 

    Turner Fenton DECA students are, by definition, leaders in their school and their communities. These students are intelligent, engaging, hard-working, and well-rounded individuals that have an interest in business. DECA hones the skills that they already have, and adds confidence, professionalism, presentation skills, and an understanding of business concepts into the mix. The result is a group of leaders that is sure to take the workforce by storm.

    As your 2012-13 Executive Team, we are looking forward to seeing all of you at the TFSS DECA General Meeting. This year, we, DECA Trojans, are going to make history. We are going to create the best chapter Turner has ever seen; we're going to break all records, and bring those plaques home.

The Trojans have arrived, this time in suits!

Why join?

10) Girls in pencil skirts are kinda hot.

9) You get to live in hotels and stuff, eat buffets.

8) Dress fancy.

7) Get to travel around the world - this year, ICDC is at California, Anaheim!

6) DECA ranks among the top 5 associations in medal and trophy rankings in the world!

5) You get to practice your presentation skills in a professional enviroment.

4) You subconciously prepare for job interviews and future careers.

 3) You get to network with +16,000 people from around the globe!

2) DECA is recognized by universities as a premier organization producing high-calibre, driven student leaders.

1) Because it will change your life.

ICDC 2013